Ways to feel better

Ways to feel better

You may be lonely, or you might have some unanswered emotions that you’re not expressing. Consider writing about your thoughts in a journal or talking to someone you trust. If this doesn’t help, contact your therapist.

Forty-five days, give up power instead of attempting to control the universe in your normal way. Don’t leave your day ‘s work looking for a rice bowl and think that’s going to be a way to feel good.

Only avoid monitoring the weather forecast, buy tickets for the lottery, and expect the world to function according to your rules. Pick a routine that you have to feel in control, and go without it.

If you can’t give up your power routine absolutely, devote yourself to giving it up for a certain time every day. In spite of your inability to control it, you must learn how to feel happy and safe in the world.

Here’s a look at some of your regular, monthly , and yearly patterns to help get your search going. Just note that everyone’s definition of happiness is a little different, and so is their road to it.

Getting rid of the clock is a perfect way to play with time, since you can’t regulate the clock. We also have the routines of handling the harsh truth of time. It’s persistent lateness for others, and it’s relentless clock-checking for others.

You may think you can’t change your relationship with time, but here are three great ways to feel good by ignoring the clock and making friends over time:

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