Protecting your social media accounts (SEE HOW)

Protecting your social media accounts (SEE HOW)

Social media accounts have become huge targets for scammers more than ever. Thousands of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp accounts are being hacked daily.

Scammers use hacked accounts to get money from unsuspected persons linked to the accounts and So many relationships also have been broken due to the activity of scammers.

As a result, finding a way to keep these scammers off social media accounts is now very important than ever.

With diligence, once you read the tips in this article and follow them, protecting your social media account won’t be a big deal.

Step 1) Create a strong password combination

Most social media website recommend strong passwords for accounts. You can make your password longer or mix letters with some other characters as passwords. Ensure you can write the passwords somewhere so, you don’t forget them.

Some passwords managers like Last Pass, Nordpass and Dashlane can help you generate a secure password and store them for you. You only need to cram the password to unlock the password manager app.

Step 2) Change password often

Creating a secured password is not enough to protect your social media accounts, you need to change the password to your accounts regularly.

This will prevent people from accessing your accounts from any previous devices you have used to log in to your accounts.

For your safety, use different passwords in all accounts and, avoid signing in to websites and apps through your social media accounts. This way all your accounts stand little chance of getting compromised.

Step 3) Use extra authentication

Popular social media like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter, have a form of two-step security available to their users, and they encourage them to use it. in a minute you activate them, no one can access your account without your notice.

Step 4) Avoid phishing links.

When you open a link through your account be careful of the details you release. Scammers use phishing links to trap some social media users and get personal details like passwords, credit card details etc.

Step 5) Block fake accounts

Most hackers and scammers used to have fake identities on social media. Most people get scammed or hacked through these fake identities. So you have to monitor your friends and block any suspicious friend you have.

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