Poetry: Heartless Age

Poetry: Heartless Age

I watched in utter shock
Far beyond words
As i lay wasting away
A victim of hit and run
Breathing my last
Many strolled by
Indifferent to my strife

Yaay! Here come others
Thank God! I am saved
They stopped to see
My horrid demise
Clicking away at images
Of my mangled frame
Racing to nab the hits
For public views
And the likes
To ehs, ohs and ahs
fake angers and tears
But paying no heed
To my anguished cry
As i drown
in a mix of tears and blood
And my heartbeats fade.
Oh mama, help me mama
My star is snuffed out
Where am I, mama?

Take me home
To a better world
To a place I see no more
Not one that craves for likes
Over human lives
To a lifetime
When we cared for life
Than the search for viral posts
That spread like a wildfire
For our sinful delight
Like vile vampires
Tasty for more blood
A pack of vultures
Waiting for the next storied mishap
To perch and devour its carcass
To it’s last entrails.

Bring back the world I once loved
When we said what we felt
And not feign emotions
Behind screened words and emoticons
We now live in a world
where what was private
Has become cases
In public courts
Civility has been thrown out the door
And pearls cast to pigs
Fools once in the shadows
Now have a voice
Serious matters now humorous
A theatre for clowning
For who makes the best skits
Idle gossips not worth a rap
Have been elevated and given a stand
Profiteering from trade of woes
From a place of fear and hate
In the conclave of trolls
We spit vitriol and flames
To our fellow men

Take me to a time
When we really cared
When family time mattered
A time to share
Rather than being glued
To what is in our hands
For that which was to unite us
To reach out to lost love
Has ripped out our hearts

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