If i passed you these words myself
i did it passing you a near empty glass
with beer droplets running riot at the bottom
led by the tilting of your young fingers

guide these droplets into your mouth
like a mound of your favourite dish
for a peer do i consider you to be
different generations, but same times

know my father passed these to me
but in different terms, mere words
a term i later came to regret
for it birthed my very first disregard

though no fault of his, my father was smart
and when he did speak was it in parables
in coded words that needed no hacking
like hiding a password in plain sight

in simpler terms will i pass this down
in more simpler terms do i charge you
to pass down same orientations
for not teaching was how we stopped learning

whatever you do in life, my good son
there are a billions of rules governing it
but one fundamental rule should you not skip
endeavour to enjoy yourself

let not the wailings of sad people
nor the happy shouts of successful peers
wear you down – treat all the same
as you will a pinch of salt

for doing more has been known
to be the grassroots of distress
no, the hurts will come still
your only duty as a man is to be strong

do not cower to feminine admonitions
or succumb to external yearnings
if you feel the need to soak garri
in the presence of rice, do you

a lesson i never understood on time
again, due to no fault of my father’s
for i was a slow learner, i was told
an opinion i have gone on to rubbish

son, know your numbers
for while you must enjoy life
numbers will take you everywhere
around the world, with respect

for it’s numbers that will ensure
you chase your dreams and stay happy
it’s not a priority, but essential nonetheless
lesser value than water, greater than opinions

for poor people don’t have opinions
just thoughts trickled down from the rich
irrespective of how i end up, i guarantee you
your daddy is rich in his own way

Conformation is an abomination
unless it is to achieve a goal or interest
your hardest test may this be
be rest assured you will be fine what you do

Never sell yourself short, dear child
you are a Lord of all things
demand for what’s yours, for wiser men
have said closed mouths starve

Lastly, do not stop reading
for so doing will you be self aware
know your deity, know your history
know your rights, know yourself

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