Global Strategy Market Invasion

Global Strategy Market Invasion

Within the first quarter of 2020, the spread of COVID-19 across the globe had and is still causing lots of disruption in every sphere. Many had been asking or agitating for when things will go back to normal.

As we know, the curve of Coronavirus is not yet flattened.? As at now there seems to be no known cure. The virus had caught the whole world unaware. The impact had been phenomenon on brands, organisations as well as entreprenuers. Many major retails, in fact over fifty seven of them, including J.C Penny had been affected badly.

Many wise organisations which understood our world? may not go back to what we used to call ‘normal’ had developed survival strategy. Meetings, marketing, communications, operations,employee management and performance factors are daily being reviewed. Only a dead organisation will keep hoping the world will go back to what is called ‘normal’.

There is now a ‘New Normal’ everyone must study, understands and operates within its parameter. Market, marketing communications, strategy and operations must adjust accordingly to these new demands.

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